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7 Easy Tips For Staying Healthy This Cold And Flu Season
Many people happen to enjoy the colder seasons. Perhaps you enjoy outdoor sports, fall and winter fashion or even making hot soups and stews. Unfortunately, there is another side of colder weather that everyone wants to avoid if possible and that cold and flu season. It would be nice to just wrap ourselves in a bubble and avoid all of the seasonal germs. Take these steps to protect yourself and increase the likelihood that you’ll
Essential Oil Options For Muscle Soreness
The past several years there has been a dramatic rise in popularity for the health and fitness industries.  If you’re a new participant in a regular fitness routine or were injured and are just getting back to your usual daily routine then you have probably suffered through more than a few days with painfully sore muscles. Don’t fear, therapeutic essential oils can come to the rescue!  Essential oils can help you reduce inflammation, ease spasms,
Stress and How We Can Avoid It Stress occurs when you perceive that demands placed on you — such as work, school or relationships — exceed your ability to cope. Some stress can be beneficial at times, producing a boost that provides the drive and energy to help people get through situations like exams or work deadlines. However, an extreme amount of stress can have health consequences, affecting the immune, cardiovascular and neuroendocrine and central
Positive Aspects Of Corrective Exercises
Regardless of if you are struggling with acute pain, chronic pain, or if you are hoping to maintain an active and pain-free lifestyle, exercise should be an important and regular part of your daily life. However, all exercise is not created equal. There are times that our exercise routines can actually be harmful to us. One reason for this may be an imbalance in the way our muscles are firing or working, and to continue
4 Ways Sunshine Can Improve Sleep Quality
  If you are one of the many that have trouble sleeping, the solution might be in a place you did not expect, the morning sun. Morning sunlight, how much and when you get it, actually has a significant impact on your sleep quality. The first hour in the morning can make or break whether you sleep soundly at the end of the day. For a good night’s sleep, you should decrease your light exposure
Avoiding Golf Injuries By Warming-Up And Cooling-Down
As all golfers know, there’s much more to the sport than just standing around and intermittently whacking a small ball with a club. It actually takes an incredible amount of power and athleticism to drive that ball clear across the lush green lawn toward the tiniest, barely-visible target. To meet the demands of the underestimated sport, you need to be strong, flexible, and well-balanced. It’s not hard to fathom why 80% of golf players have
Ligaments And Tendons And How They Work
There are thousands of tendons and ligaments throughout the body. While both tendons and ligaments are both made of connective tissue and both can be torn or overstretched, but they differ in function. Ligaments Vs. Tendons Ligaments help in stabilizing joints and attaching bones with other bones. For instance, the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) stabilizes the knee joint and attaches the shinbone to the thighbone.            Tendons are present at the
4 Benefits Of Chiropractic Care For Athletes
The difference between winning and losing in competitive sports is often measured in microseconds. Athletes need every little bit of speed, flexibility, and strength they can muster. That is why many athletes turn to chiropractic care when injuries happen. Often, they avoid more invasive options for relieving pain. Prescription drugs carry the risk of addiction and they can dull reaction times. On the other hand, surgery might leave an athlete on the bench for months
Nutrition And Chiropractic Care
You may be surprised by how much the next donut you may eat will affect those pesky aches and pains. Nutrition and chiropractic care are very closely linked. We should think of nutrition as a necessary component of chiropractic care. We usually seek chiropractic care when we need relief from physical problems in our body but most of these are caused by poor nutrition. For instance, if your diet contains empty calories, high in sugar,
Emotions and Shoulder Tension
There is more tension in the trapezius muscle group than anywhere else in the body. Trapezius muscles start at the neck and extend to the mid-back. The tension in them often leads to tight shoulders. Shoulder tension is often associated with stress but that is only a small piece of the puzzle. The Physical Causes of Shoulder Pain Shoulder pain and tension is a growing concern and most people have this complaint. Physicians suggest that
5 Facts About A Strong Core
An important part of remaining active and to enjoy a well-rounded fitness program is core exercises. Apart from the occasional pushups and sit-ups, core exercises are often neglected. Many people think the core consists only of the abdominals, but the core also includes your pelvic muscles, mid and lower back muscles, and even your hip muscles. All of these muscles work together to support your spine and skull. Here are a few of the proven benefits
Exercise Your Way To A Healthier Brain
You may have heard before how the brain is “like a muscle” and just like any of our other muscles, we need to exercise it regularly. Use it or lose it, but how does one do that? We can’t exactly flex our brain like we flex our muscles. The truth is that exercising the body’s muscles can help your brain in so many different ways. Let’s discuss the ways that physical activity can impact our
5 Ways To Help Maintain Healthy Eating Habits
How many times have you told yourself that this time will be different? If that sounds remotely familiar then this could be the day you discover the motivational secret you need for success. The truth is, getting motivated is somewhat easy. It is staying motivated that even under the best circumstances is difficult. When we set new goals things usually begin strong. You resist the urge to buy foods that are unhealthy, you begin to be more
Reasons To Schedule A Therapeutic Massage
More then ever people are recognizing that therapeutic massage has a wide range of benefits. Massage can help to relieve pain, detoxify your body, help you sleep better and even help you look younger. Let’s discuss some of the reasons that people choose to get a massage and reap the health benefits! Reasons To Schedule A Therapeutic Massage Reduce Post Exercise Pain. There is evidence that massage therapy is able to provide relief from inflammation,
6 Precautions For Diabetics Starting An Exercise Program
We all are aware that exercise is good for our overall health, but when you have Diabetes it is even more important. Routine exercise will keep your muscles flexible, the blood circulation properly through your body, and keep your blood glucose levels stable as you go through your day. Let’s discuss a few useful tips and information for safely exercising with diabetes. It is also recommended to make an appointment to see your doctor before