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Project Description

Functional Neurology

The practice of functional neurology spans multiple disciplines including chiropractic, psychology, conventional medicine, optometry, audiology, and physical and occupational therapies. Dr. Jared Leon uses safe, natural and effective treatments to help his patients who suffer from a variety of chronic conditions ranging from concussions, post-concussion symptoms, anxiety, depression, headaches, migraines, learning difficulties, spinal pain, and musculoskeletal pain syndromes.
Dr. Leon’s leading-edge holistic approach assesses and treats brain function, neural efficiency and the physical and mental health of his patients. The paramount features that are the highest priority of the functional neurological approach:

  • First, we perform a functional neurological examination.

  • Next summate the neurological information from the exam, biological indicators and cutting-edge diagnostic technologies to create an optimal treatment strategy to activate the nervous system.
  • Apply the right amount of stimulation to the specific aspect of the nervous system using these possible applications; light, sound, eye exercises, smell, various body movements, chiropractic adjustments, extremity adjustments, balance exercises, etc.

How It Works

The key to making the true magic happen in your healing is to apply the right amount of stimulation to activate the specific area, without overstimulating your nervous system, thereby optimizing your results. Call today for your consultation.


The NSI is specifically designed for Functional Neurologists. Using a 50 inch HDTV and touch screen, the NSI is designed to offer a host of therapy procedures, to a wide range of patients requiring visual or neuro therapy following: Decelerated closed head injury, Accelerated closed head injury, Strokes, and more.

The programmable instrument offers procedures to improve; Pursuits, Saccades, Eye-Hand Coordination, Visual Reaction Time, Speed and Span of Recognition, Visual-Vestibular Integration, Ocularmotor Skills, Visual Motor Skills and Neuro-Cognitive Skills.

The Right Eye Machine

The world’s first commercialized eye-tracking system for general healthcare and wellness. It’s designed to quickly, easily and accurately expose vision and brain health in ways impossible with standard eye tests. In short: RightEye bestows the gift of transformed lives.

Using advanced, eye-tracking technology, the RightEye system uncovers issues that an observation-only exam cannot. This advancement is game-changing: it’s now possible to pinpoint vision and brain health issues, identify the root cause of reading problems and improve athletic performance. This includes improving functional vision, brain health, reading, sports vision, and more! All from a five-minute test.

“As good as advertised. My brother swears by this doctor. So I flew up from Tampa to check it out and all I can say is I am virtually pain free. I am sleeping better and feeling great.”



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See what some of our clients have to say.

As good as advertised. My brother swears by this doctor. So I flew up from Tampa to check it out and all I can say is I am virtually pain free. I am sleeping better and feeling great.

“This review is long overdue – if I could summarize in one sentence my experience as a patient of Dr. Leon, I would say: Thank you Dr. for having an amazing gift of healing! I’m not new to holistic living and have being treated by many awesome holistic practitioners in the past but Dr. Leon’s knowledge, energy, compassion and care are superb. Since the moment I walked in the office for the first time I was greeted with a genuine smile by the office team till today (3 months later).
Everyone in the team is so polite, friendly and also knowledgeable. I love Dr. Andrea, Theresa and Monica as well!”  

Thank you 100 times for taking the radiating pain out of my knee & shin. I foolishly suffered for 2 weeks because I just couldn’t make the time to come in…one visit and I am a new person!

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