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Metagenics is a pioneer in the natural products industry, and has been making wholesome natural products for over 40 years.

Leon Chiropractic offers Metagenics supplements, as they are designed to help you find what’s right for your own personal needs.


Functional medicine is the future of preventative health care and the cornerstone of XYMOGEN. It is a personalized, body systems-based approach that allows healthcare practitioners and patients to work in collaboration and address the underlying causes of disease.

Ortho Molecular

Ortho Molecular Products has partnered exclusively with health care providers to deliver nutritional solutions of the highest efficacy.

Leon Chiropractic provides Ortho Molecular Products to help patients get better faster.

Nutritional Frontiers

Nutritional Frontiers is breaking through nutritional boundaries to provide the most comprehensive, researched and therapeutic natural solutions for patients today.

The “new frontier in nutrition” maximizes synergy with the latest technology in manufacturing with the highest quality control standards, cutting edge unique formulations, and patient friendly educational programs. Nutritional Frontiers formulas and programs are designed by healthcare practitioners based upon the best research available to provide the most effective, safe, and therapeutic natural solutions.


Vervita products are specially formulated with high quality ingredients that work together to help rid your body of toxins, and nourish and restore the body to it’s peek performance.


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As good as advertised. My brother swears by this doctor. So I flew up from Tampa to check it out and all I can say is I am virtually pain free. I am sleeping better and feeling great.
Before I found Leon Chiropractic, I had tingling, swelling and numbness in my hands for years. I could barely hold a pen to write and dropped everything. Dr. Leon was able to help me tremendously! My hands are completely back to normal now!
Thank you 100 times for taking the radiating pain out of my knee & shin. I foolishly suffered for 2 weeks because I just couldn’t make the time to come in…one visit and I am a new person!

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