Summer Hot Tips – Reconnect with Nature

Importance of being in nature, nice to get out of the house, get out more and get off the electronics, go back and enjoy nature.

Hey everybody, it’s Dr Jared Leon and welcome. I want to give you a little fun summer tip today!

I’m trying to give a little bit more summer tips because during the summer, a lot of times we do things that are outside our norm, right? We do a lot more activity. We have a lot more fun, a lot more barbecues, a lot more sun.

So here’s a quick tip for all of you. If we know that during the summer we have some of these extra activities going on, wouldn’t it be really good to reconnect with nature? I know it’s kind of redundant in what I just said, but just think about this. The wintertime, we’re all about staying inside. We’re always going to be colder. We’re wrapped up in different clothing. We have boots on different layers. You know, the summer could be that way. It’s going to get hot. Then you’re going to want to sit inside and have the air conditioning.

The truth is, I’m going to challenge you to get up, reconnect with nature. You got to get out, you got to reconnect. Take off your shoes, walk in the sand. It’s better for you to shed unwanted, negative electrons. You’re going to have more fun on a consistent level. If you just reconnect! Go for a walk, take your kids outside, go biking, go running, go walking, go any kind of outside motion if it’s from anything you can imagine.

If you are inspired to try those big fat tires on a bike and go on the beach and try to ride, be adventurous, be creative, go for a nature hike, do anything from rollerskating to rollerblading, just get outside.

So you see the background, anyone who knows me watching this video, knows I love being there. I want to reconnect with nature. So just a subtle reminder to have a great day. Enjoy your summer and reconnect with nature, especially with your children.

The children as you know, have been consumed by these electronics. When it’d be amazing if we can just get them out, let them play in the morning and then get outside like we did when we were children and go play outside. Go on the grass, do something. Reconnect with nature. Have a great day. This is Dr. Leon and have a good day!

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