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Reading Right Eye Information

1 in 4 Children has a vision problem that affects learning

A vision problem that is often misinterpreted as disinterest, sleepiness, dyslexia or ADHD. But in just a few minutes the RightEyeTM system exposes vision and brain health in ways not possible from standard eye tests, gifting you with the opportunity to change your child’s life forever.

1 in4 children vision learning

1 in 3 students reads proficiently by the end of 3rd grade

Recognizing this distinction has monumental implications. Even a child with 20/20 eyesight can have a vision issue at the core of their learning problem. To complicate matters, vision-related learning problems share the same symptoms as countless learning disability diagnoses, including:

  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Rereading or skipping lines of print
  • Letter reversals
  • Difficulty recognizing words
  • Short attention span
  • Poor reading comprehension
  • Poor handwriting
  • Slow completion of work
  • Loss of interest in reading
80 percent learning functional vision

Why your child’s eyes need your voice

Children rarely question their vision because they assume everyone processes information the same way. And unlike speech problems, which can easily be heard, it used to be impossible to unlock vision acumen. Thankfully today, more and more doctors are offering the simple, non-invasive RightEye test. Including yours here at Leon Chiropractic. Please reach out on the form or mention our website on your next visit to receive this test for only $20 per child or $35 for two. You will be walking away with the right eye report and the doctors interpretation of the results.