Why See an Extremity Chiropractor

Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner has developed the necessary specialty skills in evaluating and adjusting the body’s extremities to advance their wellness. These extremities include the shoulders, arms, wrists and hands; legs, ankles and feet; as well as the neck and cranial area. The Council on Extremity Adjusting, a governing body of practicing chiropractors, has approved Dr. Jared Leon’s certification as a C.C.E.P.


Why is this important?

The primary focus of a chiropractor is to locate and correct vertebral subluxations, or displacements of the vertebrae, in order to maintain optimal health. Frequently, subluxations of the extremities are the true cause of a difficulty in the musculo- skeletal system, contributing to these chronic spinal subluxations.

Merely focusing on the spinal vertebrae sometimes ignores the root cause, and while a patient may gain temporary relief, the extremity subluxations can, in fact, exacerbate the vertebral subluxations and make their associated symptoms much worse. Futhermore, they can worsen spinal subluxation patterns and make them more difficult to correct. A Certified Chiropractic Extremity Practitioner understands the body’s entire musculo-skeletal system and how to adjust it to best resolve a patient’s difficulties.